Secrets in the Bible

About us

Bruno Lernout (born in 1957 in Duffel, Belgium) has been living in Spain since 1978 (Marbella, Santa Ponsa, Puerto de la Cruz, Ojén, Barcelona, Madrid, Arzúa). In recent years he has worked as a walking guide, accompanying groups of North Americans on different trails in Spain and Spaniards on 'Silk Road' expeditions in Central Asia. At present he lives in Arzúa, on the ‘camino de Santiago’.

As a self-taught philosopher, linguist, and Bible scholar (specialized in Genesis), he offers philosophical talks to spiritual pilgrims. He is neither a believer nor an anti-believer, but a seeker who has come to the conclusion that evolution teaches us that a society that doesn’t live in harmony – like ours – is bound to destroy itself.

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A group lecture lasts 45 minutes and one can choose between:

1) Harmony: utopy or the only way to avoid self-destruction?
2) A sacred book: a book that says the truth or that holds secrets?